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This is NOT about PROPERTY
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A, What is YOUR PLAN B…?


If you want to erect a skyscraper, you must ensure your mindset and foundations are solid. Your goal is to build a solid base, on which to erect financial pillars. Most people who’ve been to Italy have been to Pisa, a city in Tuscany to visit a very famous leaning tower. Why is it called the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Most people think the answer is because of its defective structural engineering. The real truth is that the soil in its base was contaminated with unstable subsoil that allowed the foundation to shift direction. Hence, the design was flawed from the beginning.
For hundreds of years, in an effort to compensate for the tilt, engineers built higher-angled floors with one side taller than the other to allow the tower to lean in the other direction. A multinational task force of engineers, mathematicians and historians over the past 800 years were assigned to save it from collapsing. What they all failed to realise was the importance of the subsoil foundation in the first instance.

What does this metaphor share with the initial setting of the thermostat and the foundation of our life? The Leaning Tower of Pisa still remains a marvel, but you don’t want to build your financial future on shaky foundations. We need to have a solid blueprint and firm foundations as early as possible to avoid financial cancer, thus ensuring a wave of financial prosperity.
Our blueprint is like a thermostat. By continually resetting the thermostat, we reset our minds and install an Anti-Virus protection program for the mind. The unfortunate reality is that we fail to believe in ourselves and in our own ability to think.
We doubt our ability to create, and our ability to achieve. If we don’t believe in ourselves, we lack accountability.

This is why so many talented people struggle financially, and many less talented people excel financially. Talent and skill will not create financial freedom without the understanding of the art and science of making money.

Another point to remember is the number one reason people are not making money today is because of their inability to see opportunity. The second biggest reason of not reaching your financial dreams is failure to act on those opportunities.
Recognizing opportunity is an element of knowledge. Acting on opportunity is an element of wisdom.

In other words….A…it’s all about MORE CASHFLOW – - CASHFLOW – - CASHFLOW – -CASHFLOW

It’s all PASSIVE…. I love that..
It’s all CASHFLOW….Perfect… NICE…very nice…!!
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Notes from Andries:

This is from an Email I received today
The writer then recommends an opportunity to receive passive income by buying an ATM and having an ATM portfolio

“This Cash Flow vehicle will help build a nest egg and can be the fastest way to pay off a mortgage. Discover one of the safest approaches to attaining Financial Freedom” .

This is promoted by a well known Author and investment Guru. Thousands of people will during the next few weeks invest a lot of money into this, they are touring the country with seminars.

Unfortunately many of these schemes do not turn out as promoted, many people lost money with a recent ATM program ( im not saying this one wont work and im not saying the Guru does not genuinely want to help people, the fees are usually substantial and im just saying check out other options).

Reading this reminds me that we could explain our passive income business a lot better as an Industry ( Network Marketing)

Compare our business model! And the Risk!

Its time we raise the bar
And talk to people with more passion
Everyone should have an interest in their own Network Marketing business
Whatever their level of interest be it:
Saving money on normal shopping
Receiving a Part Time income
Receiving a Full Time Income
Or Receiving a Big Income

And yes we are not an investment, no one is going to have to commit 20k plus ( and many will borrow to gear up and put more into the ATM program) and yes there is nothing for nothing all incomes in our model come from actual product turnover and building a community

What do you think?
Its time to get real

Network Marketing has been getting an unfair wrap
Its the best thing out
Lets tell the world

Check out the Industry

Independent Network Marketing Expert
With 20 plus years Global experience at the highest levels
( the above views are personal and are meant to stimulate your own due diligence and are not intended to reflect in any adverse way on the author of the email, or the particular program but merely to stimulate thoughts and are subject to the full information april 14)

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