Is Starting an Network Marketing Business like getting Married?

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“You’ve probably heard this analogy before: Starting a business
is a lot like getting married.

If you’re married, or have been, then I’m sure you can think back
to the time leading up to your marriage – your “courtship”- and
see several thing that are similar between the start of a marriage
and the start of a business.

1) Attraction

They call it “chemistry”. That initial attraction to someone. And
behind the initial “chemistry” are other thing like your dreams,
emotions and values. Just as we are attracted to one person instead
of another, we’re also attracted to a business that appeals to our
dreams, moves us in some way and plugs into what we find important
in life.

2) After Attraction

Soon, we begin to spend time getting to know the other person. It’s
here where we discover whether or not that attraction will stick.
We talk to this person about our dreams – the way we want to live,
what size family we want, what our faith is and other ideas and
desire we have about our future.

We discover if there is an emotional connection between us and
the other person. How do we feel with them? Do we stir up
feelings in each other that go beyond that initial attraction?

We talk about our values-what do we think is important about a
marriage and a family, about religion, what we want to accomplish
in life and what matters most to us at the end of the day.

So many of the things we do in a relationship have a parallel to
starting a new business. And it’s vitally important to think
about and discuss these issues when we first get going in our

>> What are our dreams (or vision) about the business?
>> Does the work we’re doing move us in some way?
>> Does it have emotional appeal that will last?
>> Am I really passionate about this or am I just in it for the money?

I know for many of us, the initial decision to get started in
our network marketing business was for the money. But over
time, once the “money part” is taken care of, your desires and
goals should switch a bit to other things like your belief in
the product, or your passion about helping others make an income
from home, or seeing people’s lives change.

It’s about having a emotional purpose & being moved by what you’re
taking part in. Ask yourself the following questions:

>> Does this business have emotional meaning to me?
>> Will it touch the hearts of people who I share it with?
>> How can I get that message across to prospects and team members?

Your prospects and teammates are searching for that deeper meaning.
It’s a cause, a mission, that will keep the day-to-day work from
getting hollow.

So, what does this mean to you?

I encourage you to pay attention to planning and reinforcing a strong
vision for your business. Make certain that your core values – those
things that are most important to you in life – are tied to your work.

If you’re a leader, and one of your core values is family, and you
constantly “preach” how important your family is to you – then make
sure that value lines up with your actions. Don’t say your family is
#1 if you’re always gone, always on your cell phone, always running
around like a crazy person.

Be busy and get the job done – yes. But make sure you take the time
for the things in your life that you say are important.

What will guide you for the long term in your business is not just
how good you get at it. It’s the connection to it, the bigger
picture and the dream we hold onto that makes us happy as a person.

If you discover this about yourself and can share it with others,
it will set your business up for long-term success.”

Just found this very good article by Burke Hedges. his website is full of good material i used to hand out his books nearly 20 years ago. Thank You Burke Hedges.

Andries Johannesen

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3 Responses to “Is Starting an Network Marketing Business like getting Married?”
  1. Roderick says:

    Great comparison! Sadly when most people get involved with a start-up and it fails, it feels just like going thru a divorce. We then give up on the being married( Network Marketing) all together. My advice is to marry someone( stable company) that’s been around or you have known about a long time and you can trust. This is a great blog for understanding the profession.

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