Is 6 Months Long Enough To Succeed In Network Marketing?

March 30, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Is it essential to make a commitment to succeed in network marketing? I’m often asked about commitment, Well the internet has done a disservice to the profession giving people the impression one can make it in a short time ( like 6 months ) or something is wrong even suggesting it may be time to change companies.

Network Marketing is a Profession, look at any profession how long does it in full time study before you earn any money? Usually at least 3 years. After studying full time then how much does one earn? Often very little. Most importantly what happens if you’re in a Profession after studying full time working for a small income and then you want to retire? How much residual income would you get forever? I’d say nothing, no residual income.

In our Profession of Network Marketing if you worked for 3 years you can be generally assured of having built a residual income for life. I’m not talking about 3 years of a few hours every now and then. I’m also not talking about 3 years of not growing. In other words 3 years is not 3 years if you repeat the first month 36 times. The commitment needed includes Personal development and being open.

The first 6 months maybe meaningless in a sense a worse first 6 months maybe better if you learn more. After 3 years of reasonable effort it should be possible to earn an income of $2-5000 a month and then doubling that or more in the next 2-3 years and no ceiling as to how much can be achieved. Don’t forget I’m talking residual passive income. Is that worth making a commitment for?

Network Marketing beats anything Franchising, traditional business, or any other profession. Are you ready to commit? It’s worth the rewards of residual income, friendship, and satisfaction that is there for anyone who makes a serious commitment.

Andries Johannesen

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