What’s The Biggest Problem In Network Marketing?

March 25, 2010 by admin · 2 Comments 

Choosing the right company is the biggest problem in Network Marketing. Some people believe the biggest problem is the product, the compensation plan, the upline or the timing, but really the most important problem is choosing the right company.

No company is perfect ( that is all the companies I have seen so far what about you?) there usually comes a time when there are some problems maybe it’s about choosing a company to have a problem with? what do I mean by that? Well let’s say there is a problem like how to interpret a company rule if your with a good company you can have a problem like say you missed a deadline to place a qualifying order ( genuine oversight) and the company will assist you to qualify and get paid. while another company in that same situation will stick to the rule even if it was only a few hours and not pay you. Yes the same rule but with a different company an entirely different outcome.

You can’t tell these kind of issues by looking at a website or reading policies and procedures this is where an experienced Professional can discern and support you to choose the right company. More so on choosing the right company…    What’s your experience?

If we as an Industry of Professionals communicate more together we can all support each other and the companies that give our industry a bad name will be exposed and will have to change or leave the business.

Andries Johannesen

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2 Responses to “What’s The Biggest Problem In Network Marketing?”
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