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I recommend we all have a Primary company in our Network Marketing Profession. A  Primary company is the company we are committed to, it’s probably when we really feel in alignment with the company and or its products/services. Making this commitment means we stay loyal and keep active regardless of any short term challenges with us, the company, or its products. It also means we don’t fall for the latest gimmick or get rich scheme promising riches for no work.

It’s my intention to encourage you to stay with your Primary company providing the company and product range qualifies as a quality Primary company. one of the things that really disappoint me is the “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” this doesn’t usually work and doesn’t help our Profession at all. Yes I have a Primary company but it’s not my intention to promote that company here or to my coaching clients who are seeking advice, guidance and training in the Profession of Network Marketing.

There are many good companies with really good products/services. Sometimes a company may have a very temporary advantage with a new claimed breakthrough but its rarely worth it to leave a Primary company for a perceived advantage when sometime down the road this advantage may no longer look or be the same. It’s good to look at the doubling the 1c model when if every 10 days you start again with 1c you never get to really benefit from the geometric progression and allowing the 1c to double will result in millions of dollars over time but this will never happen if were continually starting at 0. This is no different from planting seeds and pulling them up every week to see what’s happening below the ground.


2 Responses to “Primary Company”
  1. mark J says:

    you are dead center on this one…

    people have to choose and commit

    people follow people who are committed and people who are in 10 deals don’t exude committment

  2. decided chart you’ve bear

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