Some of the companies in our industry behave unethically

June 17, 2011 by admin · Leave a Comment 

A few months ago Bellamore launched or prelaunched with a lot of fanfare, lots of hot air and a seeming big budget offering free product to attract people. It was not long before it became known that they did not care about the ingredients ( having some ingredients that stopped some well informed leaders from even looking at this company). Other issues came up and well known names stopped endorsing this company ( why they ever endorsed Bellamora in the first place is still beyond me) And Now they show their true colors!. Belelamora have just announced: they are abusing the mlm distributors and allowing the public to order without neededing to become a distributor and they have dropped the prices and no no sign up fee and yes free shipping.
It’s disgraceful when companies try and go behind the system of mlm and abuse the trust. What about the names that soime people gave to Bellamora in good faith this is worse then cross lining. When new companies start we all owe it to the profession to try and check on integrity and expose bad practices. Our industry has many good companies who support the industry and the mlm system.

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