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19 June 2010 – Tests conducted by the FDA last year on 22 red lipsticks found lead, a neurotoxin, in every single lipstick sample studied.  The highest lead levels were in three well-known brands: Cover Girl, Revlon, L’Oreal.  While the FDA says it’s continuing lead research on additional cosmetic brands and colors, it’s reassuring consumers that the lead levels it found in the red lipsticks are very small and not a health threat.  Avon’s “Ultra Color Rich Cherry Jubilee” had lead levels 34 times lower than “Cover Girls Maximum Red” as an example.  Thanks Avon and their CEO Andrea Jung.  MLM products are higher quality than those on store shelves.  Editors Note: MLM Products are Good better than Non MLM because of competition between MLM – Network marketing companies.  MLM PRODUCTS ARE BETTER = GOOD – SAFER – HEALTHY
MLM Critics say that Network Marketing Nutritionals high priced compared to junk off of store shelves where price is king. Starting in 1996 an MLM Company paid for testing of 30 of their competitor’s products. Later other copmlm companies did the same.   I finally called stop when the last batch was done over 350 tests. I had bad had bad news for all my clients.  The other competing MLM products tested good!  No room for attacking competitors!  I also by that time had tested 60 – 70 products off of store shelves and found did not have what the labels indicated they should have.  Shortly after that ABC’s 20/20 ran a segment on nutritional screw jobs based on some of my initial testing.
I had worked wirth ABC’s 20/20 on the Equinox pyramid scam (featuring the Watchdog in the MLM Insider magazine) so I knew them.  I sent the Nutritional research over to ABC’s 20/20 who ran the segement on fraud nutritional scams – no MLM Companies mentioned because they had good products (no, I was not included in that show for comment). 
It’s simple the MLM – Network Marketing Company’s Distributors consist of many serious nutritionally minded good folks.  A bad test by ran by a competitor could destroy an MLM Company.  So MLM – Network Marketing Companies quality test continuously!  Plus a good product is much more likely to make people “feel better.”
21 April 2009 — SANTA CRUZ — Santa Cruz County District Attorney Bob Lee has joined eight other counties in asking the court to halt the sales of vitamin supplements made or sold by 74 companies unless customers are warned that the products contain cancer-causing lead.  The complaint, initially filed by Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr., alleges the manufacturers failed to provide the warning required by the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as Proposition 65.  The alleged violations were discovered in 2008 after the U.S. FDA released the results of tests of different multivitamin and mineral products, some of which contained excessive amounts of lead according to FDA testing.
21st Century Healthcare, Inc.; Apex Fitness Group, A division of 24 Hour Fitness USA; Biosan Laboratories; Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation; Bronson Nutritionals; Buried Treasure, a division of Life Line Food Inc.; Clinician’s Choice; D&E Pharmaceuticals; Davinci Laboratories of Vermont; Delaware Natrol; Designs For Health; Douglas Laboratories; Dynamic Health Laboratories; Enzymatic Therapy; Esteem Products; Fairhaven Health; Foodscience Corporation; Foodscience of Vermont; Futurebiotics; Genspec Labs; Health Authority Dba Doctor’s Trust Vitamins; Hxn Corporation Dba Health Xpress; Integrative Therapeutics; Irwin Naturals; J.R. Carlson Laboratories; Kirkman; Kordial Nutrients; Maximum International; Metabolic Maintenance Products; Metagenics; Mountain Naturals of Vermont; Natural Organics; Nature’s Secret; Nature’s Way Products; Nbty; New Chapter; Nexgen Pharma; Nf Formulas; Now Foods; Nutribiotic; Nutritional Specialties; Nutri-west; Olympian Labs; Only Natural; Optimal Nutrients, USA, a division of Pegasus Plus; Pioneer Nutritional Formulas; Pure Essence Laboratories; Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems; Solgar; Spring Valley Herbs & Natural Foods; Supernutrition Life-extension Research; The Daily Wellness Company; The Vitamin Shoppe Industries; Threshold Enterprises, the Parent Company Of Source Naturals; True Fit Vitamins; Universal Nutrition; Wyeth Laboratories.
When Barry Minkow convicted Felon (the MLM stock short seller) was doing video’s and smashing MLM products for being too high priced I thought it might be interesting if he got sued someday.  Why?  Because he was showing nutritionals out of stores that were half the price of MLM – Network Marketing products.  Sure they were half priced!  The nutritional junk he was waving around was probably (in my opinion) made by some of the lead posioners above.   The critics Robert Fitzpatrick & Jon Taylor of the pyramid scheme scam should be included in the lawsuit!
a. MLM products have to be of higher quality than retail products to get customers to “feel better.” Time after time, exposés on TV show that many items on a store shelf contain nothing but the equivalent of “sawdust.”  To help people suceed at having the best MLM business, MLM companies “generally” have to produce  higher quality products.  To determine which are most effective requires a product by product test by the MLM seller – YOU!.  Only by personal experience can an MLM Distributor “bond to a product.”  This “bonding” is an essential element to aptly selling a product to create your “Best MLM Business.”
b. MLM nutritional products are “generally” more complex than store shelf products.  That means there are more nutritionals in a capsule than those on a store shelf.  Why MLM?  Because a product on a store shelf can’t tell about a complex mixture in a small label on a bottle. That is why to have the best home based MLM busniness you need to tell the story about what the complex formula in an MLM liquid or capsule is, needs to be told verbally from one person to another
Rod Cook
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30% of Franchisees don’t trust their franchisor is that the same for Network Marketing?

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A recent survey undertaken by the Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence and backed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission –examined the level of research franchisees undertake prior to entering a franchise agreement, and the relationship between franchisees and franchisors.While Australia’s $125 billion franchising sector is growing strongly as the economy recovery gathers pace, the survey suggests there are some fundamental problems with the level of trust between franchisees and franchisors.

Asked whether they can count on their franchisor to be honest in their dealings with them, 28% of franchisees disagreed or strongly disagreed. A staggering 30% said they could not rely on their franchisor to keep their promises, while 30% also said they could not trust their franchisee to “do what is right”.

Yes I would say this is a global trend and TRUE for Network Marketing it maybe even be worse. It’s sad but some Network Marketing companies don’t deserve to be trusted the way they treat distributors. As a Profession we need to communicate together more and exchange information so the dishonest companies can be exposed. In my private coaching and mentoring practice the issue of choosing a company comes up a lot.

Some of the warning signs to look for:

  • Does the ownership respect Network Marketing and are they committed to the industry?
  • Do they allow a distributor to be a free agent and belong to multiple companies or do they want to control you?
  • Do they readily terminate distributors? for no good reason?
  • Do they compete with the field?
  • Are they happy to pay true residual income or do they want you to keep working actively to keep getting paid?
  • Does the company deny being part of Network Marketing ? and pretend to be better
  • Does the compensation plan say “up to x% but they never pay it out as a lot of money is never paid with all the small print and rules.

If you’re concerned talk to an experienced Professional it’s not good business sense to keep working with a company you can’t trust it’s a pity but true. Most companies in our industry can be Trusted and as we have more sharing the bad apples may leave the industry they don’t usually change.

The Franchise industry is growing globally despite the trust issues unfortunately the capital risk is becoming greater leaving a trail of real devastation for those who fail. while Network Marketing has a very low financial risk yet huge potential rewards.

The Profession of Network Marketing is booming it’s a great time to be part of and yes I am convinced it’s the best way to achieve financial freedom for anyone anywhere.

Andries Johannesen

Internet Marketing can really Hurt your Network Marketing business

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Watch out for Internet Marketers if you’re a Network Marketer. Most of the information from Internet Marketers is not appropriate for Network Marketing, watch out as it can be confusing and misleading. What’s the purpose of many Internet Marketers? sure they may seem to be providing some useful material but most of them are trying to sell you their system and selling their system makes them money and they often knock Network Marketing pretending that they have an easier way. They usually promise lots of money for very little work and little risk but if you get distracted from building your Network Marketing business it’s a huge risk and a high cost.

Network Marketing is proven and it pays real residual income don’t be mislead by false promises. They often say it’s not MLM or unlike MLM to make it seem like they are better and at the same time knocking our Profession. I’m not saying that We should not use the internet and internet marketing for our Network Marketing business but let’s not fall for the false promises. Yes, use the internet to build your Network Marketing business, but keep building relationships. Keep personally growing, and look after your people, they are the business.

Andries Johannesen

Is 6 Months Long Enough To Succeed In Network Marketing?

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Is it essential to make a commitment to succeed in network marketing? I’m often asked about commitment, Well the internet has done a disservice to the profession giving people the impression one can make it in a short time ( like 6 months ) or something is wrong even suggesting it may be time to change companies.

Network Marketing is a Profession, look at any profession how long does it in full time study before you earn any money? Usually at least 3 years. After studying full time then how much does one earn? Often very little. Most importantly what happens if you’re in a Profession after studying full time working for a small income and then you want to retire? How much residual income would you get forever? I’d say nothing, no residual income.

In our Profession of Network Marketing if you worked for 3 years you can be generally assured of having built a residual income for life. I’m not talking about 3 years of a few hours every now and then. I’m also not talking about 3 years of not growing. In other words 3 years is not 3 years if you repeat the first month 36 times. The commitment needed includes Personal development and being open.

The first 6 months maybe meaningless in a sense a worse first 6 months maybe better if you learn more. After 3 years of reasonable effort it should be possible to earn an income of $2-5000 a month and then doubling that or more in the next 2-3 years and no ceiling as to how much can be achieved. Don’t forget I’m talking residual passive income. Is that worth making a commitment for?

Network Marketing beats anything Franchising, traditional business, or any other profession. Are you ready to commit? It’s worth the rewards of residual income, friendship, and satisfaction that is there for anyone who makes a serious commitment.

Andries Johannesen

What’s A Quick Way To Tell A Scam or Opportunity?

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there are many scams pretending to be legitimate opportunities,  it can be hard to identify a scam. What’s a quick way to determine a scam or opportunity?

A good question to ask is: would you sell the product or service to a family member and or friend you cared about? and at the price being charged? in other words would a well informed person buy the product or service at that price without wanting a business opportunity attached? this is one of the criteria some government agencies look at. what do you think? it’s sad when distributors say don’t worry about the value or quality of the product or service as you get a business opportunity included… warning walk away!

Andries Johannesen

What’s The Biggest Problem In Network Marketing?

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Choosing the right company is the biggest problem in Network Marketing. Some people believe the biggest problem is the product, the compensation plan, the upline or the timing, but really the most important problem is choosing the right company.

No company is perfect ( that is all the companies I have seen so far what about you?) there usually comes a time when there are some problems maybe it’s about choosing a company to have a problem with? what do I mean by that? Well let’s say there is a problem like how to interpret a company rule if your with a good company you can have a problem like say you missed a deadline to place a qualifying order ( genuine oversight) and the company will assist you to qualify and get paid. while another company in that same situation will stick to the rule even if it was only a few hours and not pay you. Yes the same rule but with a different company an entirely different outcome.

You can’t tell these kind of issues by looking at a website or reading policies and procedures this is where an experienced Professional can discern and support you to choose the right company. More so on choosing the right company…    What’s your experience?

If we as an Industry of Professionals communicate more together we can all support each other and the companies that give our industry a bad name will be exposed and will have to change or leave the business.

Andries Johannesen