Who is AJ

Andries Johannesen also known as AJ has been involved in the Profession of Network Marketing for 20 years. Like many others first saw Amway and the circles some 30 years ago but at that time felt that the industry was not really appropriate. Then while promoting speakers like James Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki the concepts of leverage and empowerment really hit home and the passion and commitment to the Profession quickly grew. Within a short time Financial Success and Freedom was achieved and then the real part of empowering others to find freedom and grow as people became the driving force.

AJ has been a Corporate Trainer for the industry In the US, Europe, Asia and Australia gaining valuable experience and a global outlook. He has reached the highest ranks in a number of different companies from with products including Perfume, Health Supplements, Gold coins, Phone Services and more. Also having successfully build global businesses before and since the Internet a variety of compensation plans Binary. Breakaway, Unilevel, Party Plan and Hybrids. It’s really about the People the relationships and through mentoring and coaching bringing out the best and empowering others.


One Response to “Who is AJ”
  1. Hi AJ,
    It was great to talk with you this morning after so long.
    Nice to “see you ” in the photo. You look SO MUCH relaxed and friendly…
    When I met you you looked kind of serious. Besides there were quite a few people in the room and you had to rush to the airport.
    Great to find your website .
    Talk to you soon.

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